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With Online searches on the rise to 15 billion searches a month, It is estimated that very soon online sales will out do the traditional in-store sale. so if your business isn't already selling online or simply just need a new website, SolutionsByLee will help you discover how we can build a complete e-Commerce solution for you.

Content Management Systems

One requirement nearly every site has is the ability to manage the content that is added to it. Whether you are looking to manage the content on your corporate site or want to allow users to add their own content, Content Management Systems are the way to go. Contact SolutionsByLee today. We have been developing and working with Content Management Systems with most of our clients and we will gladly give you full support if you need it.



General Information Websites

If your just looking for a plain informational website, we will also create one for you also.



About SolutionsByLee

SolutionsByLee was created to help businesses build their online presence. As the founder of SolutionsByLee, The goal is to help businesses grow and find new markets in their niche. The goal is to provide you with the best ROI at the most effective cost. Thank you for reading, and I hope we can help.

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Peter Lee
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