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SEO standard

Standard Package By Solutionsbylee

Whats Included?

SEO Research

Competition Analysis
Keyword Analysis

On-Site Optimization

Websites Validations
Work on your company's website source
Image and hyperlink Optimization
Page Optimizations
Check for Duplicate Content Online

Local Search Engines

Local Search Engine Submission
Update Pages for local Search

Content Optimization

Google, Yahoo, and Bing Site-Maps
Performance Tracking
Google Analytic Report

Package Specifics

6 Keywords Research
50 Directory Submissions
10 Link Requests

About SolutionsByLee

SolutionsByLee was created to help businesses build their online presence. As the founder of SolutionsByLee, The goal is to help businesses grow and find new markets in their niche. The goal is to provide you with the best ROI at the most effective cost. Thank you for reading, and I hope we can help.

Thank you
Peter Lee
Founder & CEO

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